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Stainless Steel Outdoor Furnaces

About Us

HEATMOR Outdoor Furnaces have been manufactured for over 30 years. It is our passion for providing the longest lasting outdoor furnace in the market that has kept us ahead of the competition.

HEATMOR stainless steel outdoor furnaces are easy to load, maintain, operate, and are available in a wide selection of colors. Each furnace is designed to outlast mild steel brands by up to three times.

Burning with wood and coal is not a new concept. In fact, this old concept is gaining new popularity in many areas with plentiful wood supplies due to its cost effectiveness and low impact on the environment.

Choosing a HEATMOR furnace is a decision that you will only have to make once. Our mission is to create the highest quality product that will provide your family or business with many years of consistent, economical, and reliable heat.

Experience the lifestyle and see why HEATMOR Stainless Steel Outdoor Furnaces are the only way to go.

Heatmor LLC, providing heating solutions since 1984.

Outdoor Wood Furnace

Our furnaces are your solution.

A safe and efficient alternative to gas furnaces. Our products are an ideal purchase for anyone looking for a new heating system for their home or business.

Proudly Made in the USA

HEATMOR™ products have been manufactured at our facility in Warroad, Minnesota since 1984.

Our furnaces have a proven track record of excellence that outperforms and outlasts the competition, which is backed by the most comprehensive LIFETIME warranty on the market.

HEATMOR™ sets the standards for Stainless Steel Outdoor Furnaces

Superior Material & Superior Design

  • Produced using industry leading grade 409 stainless steel for over 20 years.
  • All furnace components that come in contact with fire or water are manufactured using this industry leading stainless steel.
  • Residential models are manufactured with 10 gauge.
  • Commercial models are manufactured with 7 gauge.
  • HEATMOR outdoor furnaces last approximately three times longer than the competition.


Heatmor Inc.​

A HEATMOR Outdoor Furnace is installed outside your home, shop, garage, or business, and plumbed in connecting to the heat exchanger on your existing source. The plumbing can be spliced to service a residence, pole barn, business, shop, garage, as well as your domestic hot water.

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