HEATMORTM has been producing grade 409 stainless steel outdoor furnaces for over 20 years. All furnace components that come in contact with fire or water are manufactured using grade 409 stainless steel. Residential models are manufactured with 10 gauge and commercial models with 7 gauge (600 CSS & 800 CSS).

Prior to 1993, HEATMORTM manufactured outdoor furnaces using carbon steel. HEATMORTMchose to begin using grade 409 stainless steel due to its improved oxidation and corrosion resistance versus carbon steel. It was found that outdoor furnaces manufactured using grade 409 stainless steel would last approximately three times longer than furnaces manufactured using carbon steel.

409 Stainless Steel Facts:

  • Highest standard stainless steel for Heat Resistance
  • Offers much better Corrosion Resistance when compared to mild grade stainless steel and coated carbon steel
  • Low Thermal Expansion
  • Strongest stainless steel made for furnaces on the market