Heatmor Outdoor Furnaces: The Leader in Stainless Steel Outdoor Furnaces




Your Cost-Effective, Versatile Heating Choice

You realize big savings with your HEATMOR™ furnace, designed to work as easily with existing heating
systems as with new construction. The more heating needs you have, the greater the savings, because
a HEATMOR™ system can add warmth to your life inside and out.

For a sample installation of each furnace application, please click on the respective image.

 Easy to Operate

 Your HEATMOR™ furnace operates on a simple principle. Burning wood in the furnace heats water
 that is pumped underground to your home and/or other buildings. There, it can be connected to
 your hot water heater, furnace, or heat exchanger to provide steady, comfortable, and efficient heating.
For more information related to the installation of the Heatmor System, please contact your local dealer.





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